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Belinda Lee had to make a run for it the first time she spoke to her husband

The local TV host and actress spills more details about her relationship, including how her architect husband proposed and why she didn’t turn into a bridezilla.

Belinda Lee had to make a run for it the first time she spoke to her husband

Belinda Lee had to make a run for it the first time she spoke to husband, David Moore. (Photo: Instagram/leebelinda)

Local TV personality Belinda Lee has revealed that she had to make a run for it the first time she spoke to her husband, American architect David Moore.

The reason for the quick getaway? She had the runs and she needed the loo. 

Lee told Lianhe Zaobao: "The first time we spoke, I was having the runs because I ate too much. Halfway through the conversation, I had to go to the toilet so I turned and ran. This amusing start left an impression on him."

It certainly did because the couple recently tied the knot after having known each other for a year and a half.

The couple held a wedding ceremony attended by close friends and family on Sunday (Oct 27) at a Peranakan restaurant. The groom’s family also flew in from California to be part of the celebrations.

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Lee revealed to 8 DAYS that it was the first time she had met Moore’s family. "Prior to our wedding, I spoke to his family on the phone because there wasn’t any time for me to fly over.”

However, she added, his family already loved her before they came and knew everything about her because he had given them her book, Larger Than Life, for Christmas last year.

Before Moore proposed in March, he had initiated a dinner with Lee’s dad to ask for her hand in marriage.

She told 8 DAYS: “Of course, papa was very happy and said yes. I love how my husband has so much heart and respect for people. While I was aware that he wanted to take my dad out to dinner, I was still caught by surprise when he popped the question because I didn’t know the exact date that he was going to do that.”

For the proposal, Moore bought a “simple yet beautiful card” that had a drawing of two people and he then drew in a dog to represent Lee’s late dog, Man Man.

Moore, who is in his 50s, is also the reason why she didn’t turn into a bridezilla, Lee said.

“It's because every step of the way through the preparation, I was never alone. (My husband and I) chose everything together, from the ring to the gown to the flowers,” she revealed.

Sounds like a great partnership, indeed. 

Source: CNA/sr