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BTS’ TikTok account hacked and fans want the incident investigated

ARMYs realised something was off when the account was renamed “team alpha” and animated videos unrelated to the usual content were posted.

BTS’ TikTok account hacked and fans want the incident investigated

In this video grab issued Aug 30, 2020, by MTV, BTS performs "Dynamite" during the MTV Video Music Awards. (MTV via AP)

BTS fans noticed something weird going on with the K-pop group’s TikTok account on Wednesday (Mar 10).

For one thing, there were animated videos posted on the account that veered from the normal BTS-related content and the account was also renamed “team alpha”.

Another clue that something was amiss was the fact that the group was suddenly following two other users, when they didn’t follow anyone before. One was o2m and the other was 3mk_mosab, both of which appeared to be bots.

The compromised account was secured fairly quickly and things look back to normal with the rogue videos removed.

However, concerned fans had already taken to social media to share news of the breach, as well as clips of what the hackers posted.

Many of them also urged the group’s label, Big Hit Entertainment, to investigate what happened and to take legal action if needed as they felt this was a violation of the group’s privacy.

A user tweeted: “this is really scary and creepy please please take it down and it’s also a serious violation of their privacy”.

Another wrote: “Excuse me, @BigHitEnt. It has been brought to my attention that the BTS official TikTok account was hacked. Please go forward in solving the problem and taking legal action, thank you”.

The seven-member group currently has close to 30 million followers on TikTok.

Source: CNA/sr