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Carrot Cake Oreos – no, not chai tow kway – introduced in the US

No word yet on whether they’ll be headed to Singapore, but apparently the cookie has "ginger and nutmeg spice".

Carrot Cake Oreos – no, not chai tow kway – introduced in the US

(Photo: Twitter/@epsocialice)

Twist it, lick it, dunk it: There’s no wrong way to eat an Oreo, and it seems there’s no wrong way to make one, either.

New Carrot Cake Oreos with cream cheese filling have been spotted in stores in the US, and the new flavour is set to become a permanent addition to the Oreo family.

The new Carrot Cake Oreos are being sold at major retailers in the US such as Target and Walmart.

American lifestyle site Simplemost also listed Dark Chocolate as a permanent addition. Some seasonal flavours will also be released in the US, with the limited-edition Love, Oreo with pink filling for Valentine’s Day and an Easter Egg Oreo featuring a more oblong cookie shape.

 Introduced in 1912, Oreos are now available in over 100 countries. Since 2010, brand owner Nabisco has introduced countless varieties and flavours, with an entire Wikipedia page dedicated to these special releases.

Golden Oreos, commonly seen in Singapore, were first released in Indonesia in 2011, replacing the chocolate cookies with milk-flavoured cookies.

In 2017, Oreo made a batch of specially-branded Android cookies for Google's New York event, featuring the robot mascot on one side and the traditional Oreo logo on the other, stuffed with green filling.

Nabisco owns the largest bakery in the world, with a 170,000 sq m production facility in Chicago. It produces around 145 million kg of snack foods annually, including Chips Ahoy!, Ritz Crackers, Teddy Grahams and more.

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