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Cecilia Cheung is ‘very happy’ when she reads comments calling her old or out of date

The Hong Kong actress says that those comments mean that she was “once in demand” and that people should “seize opportunities when the time is right”.

Cecilia Cheung is ‘very happy’ when she reads comments calling her old or out of date

Cecilia Cheung poses as she arrives for the screening of the film "Do-Nui Mat" (The Taste of Money) presented in competition at the 65th Cannes film festival on May 26, 2012 in Cannes. AFP PHOTO / ALBERTO PIZZOLI

Cecilia Cheung understands how important it is to not give power to your detractors.

The 40-year-old Hong Kong actress, who is a participant in the Chinese variety show Sisters Who Make Waves 2, told her fellow contestants during a recent episode that she feels “very happy” when she reads comments about her being old or out of date.

She explained: “You say I’m passé, that means I was once in demand. So I think people should work hard. Be yourself when the time is wrong, and seize opportunities when the time is right”.

Her attitude seems to come from her strong sense of self. Cheung said that she doesn’t doubt herself. “In this line of work, without confidence, it doesn’t matter how hard you work, or how brilliant and beautiful you are, it’s no use.”

The second season of the popular reality TV competition sees veteran female artistes competing for a spot in a new girl group. Cheung’s fellow contestants this season include singer Na Ying and actresses Jin Qiaoqiao, Cheng Lisa and Dong Xuan.

The first season saw the seven winners forming girl group X-Sister, which has since disbanded after one of the members, actress Ning Jing, pulled out as she didn’t have to energy to keep up.

Source: CNA/sr