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Celebrities, businesses come together to say #SteadyLah to spread positivity

The social media movement has attracted more than 1,100 posts from media personalities, social influencers and more than 90 brands and Mediacorp partners since its launch in late May.

Celebrities, businesses come together to say #SteadyLah to spread positivity

Celebrities such as Ben Yeo, Xiang Yun and Pierre Png participated in the TikTok video in support of #SteadyLah. (Photo: TikTok/thecelebrityagency)

The #SteadyLah initiative has continued to gain traction by rallying more people in Singapore to voice their support for those around them as we push on through the pandemic.

The movement on social media was launched at the end of May in an effort to spread cheer and positivity during these trying times as Singapore headed into Phase 2 (Heightened Alert). And although life has regained a little more semblance of normalcy, it remains important as ever for us to keep our guards up and support one another where we can.

According to a statement from Mediacorp on Monday (Jul 5), more than 1,100 posts with the hashtag #SteadyLah have reached 5.4 million people across social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and TikTok since the movement's launch. And that includes messages from celebrities, social influencers, more than 90 brands and Mediacorp partners – and even other movements – all offering kinds words to uplift fellow residents.  

The #SupportOurRedhillHawkers movement has shown its support for #SteadyLah, urging Singaporeans to aid hawkers impacted by the pandemic. A banner with the #SteadyLah logo was put up on Jun 30 at Redhill Market and Food Centre, which also offered a free lunchtime parking initiative to help support hawkers’ businesses.

Local bakery brand Dirty Cheesecake is another business that’s joined the #SteadyLah movement. It thanked frontline healthcare workers in a Facebook post, writing: “You have been taking care of us, comforting us and fixing us when you can. As we approach the holidays, and as you continue to spend time away from your families and loved ones, we owe each and everyone of you a debt of gratitude.”

Photos attached alongside the post showed healthcare workers smiling while holding up slices of burnt cheesecake from the bakery.

Numerous celebrities have also been steadily posting their support for #SteadyLah. Local stars such as Xiang Yun, Ben Yeo and Pierre Png participated in a TikTok video created by Mediacorp’s The Celebrity Agency. The personalities were featured doing dance moves to the rousing Queen classic We Will Rock You, while the caption read, “Stay strong, stay positive”.


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“We are very proud that Singaporeans have so enthusiastically rallied together to exchange words of encouragement with one another during this period,” said Parminder Singh, Chief Commercial and Digital Officer of Mediacorp. “As fatigue inevitably sets in from having to live with the pandemic in our daily lives, it is now more important than ever that we stay strong and support one another. So let’s all continue to do our part and keep up the #SteadyLah spirit!”

Source: CNA/sr