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Chantalle Ng was once hospitalised for a week after her father hit her

In an episode of celebrity talk show Hear U Out, the actress revealed the extent to which her estranged father cast a shadow over her childhood.

Chantalle Ng was once hospitalised for a week after her father hit her

Chantalle Ng had a heartfelt conversation with Hear U Out host Quan Yi Fong. (Photo: meWATCH)

Chantalle Ng, the daughter of celebrity parents, recently revealed that she lived in fear of her father, former actor Huang Yiliang, whom her mother Lin Meijiao had separated from before Ng was a year old.

The young actress, who’s having her day in the sun at the moment after shooting to popularity with the drama My Star Bride, was a guest on the celebrity talk show Hear U Out, and revealed to host Quan Yi Fong that her father had hit her when she was a child, once injuring her so badly that it took a week-long hospital stay for her to recover.

After Lin was granted custody of Ng following an official divorce in 1998, Ng saw her father once a week, right up until she was in Primary Five, it was revealed.

In the time they spent together, her father usually took her for sports activities, and taught her badminton, golf and swimming.

But there were unhappy memories that clouded her childhood, and most were because of him, she said.

While her mother didn’t believe in physical punishment, instead expressing disappointment when she did something wrong and guiding her to resolve things positively, her father was very strict. In addition, he had drastic mood swings and was given to violence.

She revealed that when she was in Primary Five, her father hired a tutor to prepare her for the upcoming Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE). The tutor told him that her mathematics skills needed work. This angered her father, who showed up at her house.

“The matter escalated to a police case,” she said. “After that incident, I had no further contact with my father.”

She explained that was beaten so badly by him that she needed to be warded in hospital for a week.

“What remains foremost in my memory is that when my mother tried to stop him, he wanted to hit her as well,” she said.  

Huang was taken to court, but Lin eventually dropped the charges as she knew that her daughter was extremely fearful of seeing her father, and did not want to put her though the stress of testifying in court.

Ng said that now and then, people would tell her to forgive Huang because he is still her father. But those people don’t know what really happened.

“I used to feel guilty and think about initiating a reconciliation,” she said, but “I still have a lot of fear in my heart. Even up until today, I don’t think I’m ready yet.”

Source: CNA/my