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Actor Chen Yixi gets in road accident, says other driver didn't stop

He was headed to work when the van he was in was rear-ended. He gave chase but lost the other vehicle on the expressway. 

Actor Chen Yixi gets in road accident, says other driver didn't stop

Actor Chen Yixi. (Photo: Instagram/chxnyixi)

Getting into an accident is the last thing you want when on the road, but unfortunately, local actor Chen Yixi was the victim of a hit-and-run on Wednesday (Aug 11).

Yixi, the son of local actors Edmund Chen and Xiang Yun, shared on Instagram that he was headed to work in a van when a silver Toyota Hiace van rear-ended his vehicle. No one was hurt in the accident, but the driver of the Toyota van did not stop to offer any help.

The 30-year-old posted a photo of that vehicle on his Instagram story, showing it speeding off.

“Unfortunately we weren’t able to catch up to him and he got away up the expressway,” he wrote.

He was “totally appalled” by the situation and explained that the cars in front of them were driving slowly and were unaware that they were chasing the other vehicle.

The damage done to the vehicle Chen Yixi was in. (Photo: Instagram/chxnyixi)

In another post, he showed evidence of the damage done to the vehicle he was in, showing a dent. He griped that the driver of the other vehicle should “at least have the decency to come down and apologise”.

The actor posted a follow up to say that he is doing fine and thanked everyone for their messages. He expressed his disappointment at how things turned out and shared that he had made a police report.

He also reassured everyone that he was fine and was just annoyed.

“I’m sure it could be handled better, and people like that shouldn’t just drive off, but nonetheless, thank you for everybody’s care and messages."

Source: CNA/sr