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Chinese New Year 2021: How Singapore celebrities welcomed the Year of the Ox

Ya Hui juggled some oranges, Elvin Ng was deemed #nonessential and Sheila Sim gushed over her in-laws’ pen cai.

Chinese New Year 2021: How Singapore celebrities welcomed the Year of the Ox

(Photos: Instagram/elvinngchoonsiong, zoetay10)

Chinese New Year celebrations in Singapore have been comparatively low-key this year because of the pandemic.

And no surprises that that’s also been the case for our favourite celebrities as seen on their social media feed, with the likes of Zoe Tay and Ya Hui welcoming the Year of the Ox. 

And in the case of the latter, a subtle nod to her New Year's Eve back injury a while ago. The most important thing is that the body is as strong as an ox, she wrote, before quipping as she juggled some oranges: “No fruits wasted during this photo-taking session."  

Meanwhile, others took to requisite family and couple photos, like Fann Wong and Christopher Lee, Pan Ling Ling and Huang Shinan, and Xiang Yun and Edmund Chen.

For Sheila Sim and hubby Deon Woo, it’s an especially momentous occasion – it’s firstborn Layla’s first Chinese New Year and the actress was effusive in her post.

“It was such a happy day for Layla! I can look at these photos over and over, and still fall in love with that cheeky, toothless grin of hers. How did I get so lucky to be a mother of such a cute angel,” she wrote, adding a shout-out to her in-laws and their “mind-blowing” pen cai.

And then you had Elvin Ng, who good-naturedly referred to this year’s strict rules when it comes to visits. And being left out.

“When you come from a big family and don't make the #privilegedlist of #8 for any household! So many uncles and aunties you're deemed #nonessential, and resulting in your #nonnomination,” he quipped.

Source: CNA/mm