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Chris Tucker says he will 'definitely' return for Rush Hour 4

Tucker said in a recent interview: "I love working with Jackie (Chan)."

Chris Tucker says he will 'definitely' return for Rush Hour 4

Chris Tucker (left) and Jackie Chan have appeared in three Rush Hour movies together. (Photo: Bang Showbiz)

Chris Tucker is ready to return for Rush Hour 4. The 51-year-old star featured alongside Jackie Chan in the action-comedy trilogy between 1998 and 2007 and teased that a fourth installment is one of his upcoming projects.

Speaking to The Big Tigger Morning Show on Audacy's V-103 about his upcoming projects, Tucker said: "You're going to see a lot of good stuff coming, but it's going to be on a whole other level.

"That's what I like... I'm excited about that. It's not going to be what you've normally seen... Rush Hour 4, that's something I definitely will probably drop in there because I love working with Jackie, but I've got some new stuff that I think you're really gonna like. I'm excited about it."

The Rush Hour franchise follows Hong Kong detective Chief Inspector Lee (Chan) who forms an unlikely friendship with a loudmouth LAPD officer Detective James Carter (Tucker) to solve a series of international crimes.

Chan confirmed last year that a fourth movie was in the pipeline.

The martial arts icon said: "We're talking about part 4 right now."

Chan revealed that he was planning to meet the film's director to discuss the script although he did not identify who the filmmaker was.

Brett Ratner helmed the three previous Rush Hour movies but faced allegations of sexual assault in 2017 that led Warner Bros to sever their ties with him.

Chan also revealed that he feared that the original film would flop at the box office and was planning to quit Hollywood if it didn't work out.

The Shanghai Noon star recalled: "I tried so many times to go to Hollywood, but after that, I said no more Hollywood because my English is not good, they're not my culture, they don't like this kind of action.

"My manager said look, there's a script, and it's called Rush Hour. I said 'No, Hong Kong police? I'm not going to do it'. He said Jackie, 'Why don't you try last time?' I said, 'Okay, this is the last time.'"
Source: Others/Bang Showbiz