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‘I won’t let this go’: Cynthia Koh makes police report after Mercedes is vandalised

The actress said there were “very long and deep scratches” on three panels of her car, and it had a punctured tyre, too. 

Cynthia Koh had a very bad week last week when she found her red Mercedes damaged and vandalised in what appeared to be an intentional act. 

The 48-year-old Mediacorp artiste took to Instagram on Friday (Apr 7) to tell her story. She said she had parked her car for the first time at a private estate between 2pm and 6pm the day before and it was vandalised in broad daylight.

According to her Instagram stories, the Mercedes had “very long and deep scratches” on three panels of her car, which Koh suspected was caused by “a key or something very sharp”, and it had a punctured tyre as well. 

The My Star Bride actress initially tried to drive to the nearest petrol station to refill the air in her tyre but gave up after the tyre was completely flat. At 10.30pm, the actress found herself “on the verge of tears” as she called the tow truck before heading to the police station to make a report. 

(Photo: Instagram/cynthiakoh27)

Koh was adamant about not letting this incident go. 

“I won’t let this go, too many of this type of people around. If you are a car owner, you will know how upset I am. It’s not about fixing the car, it’s about how sickening these people can be to think it’s okay to do this to others. If you can do this, I’m sure you can face the consequences,” Koh wrote, going on to list the possible punishments awaiting the culprit and stating that vandalism “is a serious crime”.

Koh suspected the damage was done by a man since it "takes a lot of strength" to cut through the tyres.

The actress has made a police report but is also "open to settling this privately" should the offender own up to their actions.

Source: CNA/sr