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‘Dalgona coffee’ is the new DIY trend that’s taking over social media

Stuck at home? Try your hand at making this picture-worthy drink.

‘Dalgona coffee’ is the new DIY trend that’s taking over social media

(Photo: Instagram/y.na__)

Oh, cloud eggs, you’re so three-years-ago. The new make-it-at-home trend that’s suddenly sprouted is Dalgona coffee – a milk-based beverage topped with a big dollop of soft, foamy whipped coffee.

One of the reasons for its popularity is the fact that the ingredients are few, cheap and readily available at home – and you don’t even need a coffee machine.

The recipe calls for a 1:1:1 ratio of instant coffee, sugar and hot water, whipped either with a mixer or by hand, then poured over milk.

For people staying in and not leaving their houses, it’s an easy and entertaining beverage to make at home.

According to Google Trends, the phenomenon started brewing early this year and took off in the first week of March, leading to a spike in interest in the past week. It debuted on social media platforms TikTok and YouTube, spreading quickly to Instagram and Facebook.

Hypebae reported that the drink came to public attention in January in an episode of Korean television show Pyunstorang, in which celebrities compete to come up with new products for convenience stores. Actor Jung Il-woo, who had encountered the coffee in Macau, christened it “dalgona” after a Korean candy that resembles the foamy brown topping.

Social media users have taken to posting their own takes on the drink, with non-coffee drinkers using substitutes such as cocoa powder and matcha.

Source: CNA/my