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Did Lin Meijiao once slap Zoe Tay? 'Ah jie' recalls the incident clearly

It happened about 30 years ago on the set of Pretty Faces, but Tay still remembers getting hit in the face.

Did Lin Meijiao once slap Zoe Tay? 'Ah jie' recalls the incident clearly

A scene in You Can Be An Angel 4 reminded Zoe Tay of another scene, filmed many years ago. (Photo: You Can Be An Angel 4)

Zoe Tay has played a head nurse for many seasons of You Can Be An Angel, which returns for a fourth installment on Mar 18, so you can bet she has lots of experience comforting those in pain and discomfort.

But what happens when she's the one who's injured?

In You Can Play An Angel 4, Tay returns as the assistant director of a nursing home, who has to deal with its disgruntled elderly residents. And, in a teaser showreel screened during a press conference to promote the drama on Mar 8, there's a scene in which a resident, played by Guo Liang, hits her with a cane.

Tay said in an interview with AsiaOne that although Guo had felt the pressure of having to assault her while filming the scene, camera angles and acting techniques did the real work of making it look like he was actually hitting her.

However, it did remind her of an incident on the set of the 1991 drama Pretty Faces – the same drama that made her a household name and sealed her stardom.

In the show, which also starred Lin Meijiao, Tang Miaoling, Hong Hui Fang and Chen Shu Cheng, Tay played the brash, boyfriend-stealing Bobo, with her signature cropped, explosive perm.

Zoe Tay as Bobo in Pretty Faces. (Photo: Pretty Faces)

While filming one of the scenes, in which the character feels the fury of her friend, Tay recalled, fellow actress Lin slapped her – for real.

"I remember a feeling of pain that I couldn't control. The tears just kept flowing," Tay said.

She added, "I was so frustrated that after filming the scene, I grabbed my bag and went off."

Lin "didn't even know that I was angry with her. But I shouldn't have been, since it was an accident," she said, going on to quip, "Maybe you should ask her if it was intentional."

You'd think that accidents like that happen all the time on film sets, but for Tay, it was the one and only time she was in such a situation, she said.

Let's hope it's the last. And, on the plus side, that scene must have turned out brilliantly.

You Can Be An Angel 4 premieres Mar 18 on demand on meWATCH and at 9pm, weekdays on Channel 8.

Source: CNA/my