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What scares the director of Annabelle Comes Home? Messing up Train To Busan remake

Meanwhile over at Seoul, the Korean zombie sequel Bando enlists a brand new cast including Kang Dong-won and Lee Jung-hyun.

What scares the director of Annabelle Comes Home? Messing up Train To Busan remake

(Photo: Next Entertainment World)

Writer and director of horror movies such as IT and The Nun, as well as the newly released Annabelle Comes Home, Gary Dauberman has another project in the pipeline. This time, he will be working with Conjuring Universe director James Wan to produce an American remake of the 2016 Korean zombie movie Train To Busan.

Dauberman told EW, “Well, you know, the f***king movie’s amazing, right? So I’m being very careful how we translate it over here. And really my rule is ‘Don’t f**k it up! Because there’s not a lot of places in the (original film) where you go, ‘Oh, well, they did that completely wrong.’ I just don’t want to f***k it up and I want to be respectful of a movie that I very, very much love. So, that’s something that I’ve been excited to be working on.”

The Korean original tracks the anguish of a father and daughter as they travel through a zombie apocalypse via train. The movie became the highest grossing Korean film in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong and grossed US$93.1 million (S$126 million) worldwide.

Directed by Yeon Sang-ho, the film has become a cult favourite among horror connoisseurs like Shaun Of The Dead director and co-writer Edgar Wright. “I felt until recently that making Shaun Of The Dead had made me numb to zombie films in general,” Wright told EW. “In fact, the first zombie film in a long time that got me sort of excited again was Train To Busan.”

Fans and connoisseurs alike are eagerly anticipating Yeon’s sequel to the Korean zombie film. Titled Bando (which means peninsula), the sequel fast forwards to 4 years after the turn of events of Train Of Busan.

Actor Kang Dong-won who starred in the movie Illang: The Wolf Brigade will lead in the fight against the zombies while actress Lee Jung-hyun who starred in Shall We Do It Again will play a strong-willed survivor.

Filming started last Monday (Jun 24). It won’t be long before Bando hits the big screen.

Source: CNA/yy