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Does Elvin Ng look like Li Nanxing? He’ll be ‘very happy’ if you say yes

The Heartland Hero actor shared on Instagram that people used to say he looked like the veteran actor when he was younger. Do you agree?

Does Elvin Ng look like Li Nanxing? He’ll be ‘very happy’ if you say yes

Do Li Nanxing (left) and Elvin Ng look alike? (Photo: Instagram/elvinngchoonsiong)

It’s usually a compliment when someone says that you look like a certain celebrity. Elvin Ng was definitely thrilled when he was compared to veteran actor Li Nanxing when he was younger.

On Wednesday (Jul 21), Elvin posted a picture of him and Nanxing on Instagram saying, “When I was a kid, people said that I looked like #Nanxing dage," which means big brother.

He added that he would always respond with "no, we don’t!", but deep down, he would feel happy and pleased at the comparison. 

The 40-year-old actor then asked his followers: "So do we look alike? I would be very happy if you say we do.”

Some of the comments did agree with Elvin. Others were not so sure but gave the diplomatic answer that both actors are equally handsome in their own right. 

One person commented that Elvin and Nanxing should play father and son while another said they could be brothers – are you listening, casting people?

In 2018, the older actor posted a throwback photo of himself – maybe this was the Li Nanxing that Elvin was being compared to when he was younger?



The two actors have starred together in several Mediacorp dramas such as The Ultimatum (2009) and CLIF 4 (2016) even though their storylines did not cross much in the latter.

Elvin is currently shooting the Channel 8 long-form drama, Heartland Hero, and LNX will be starring in the upcoming Mediacorp series, The Peculiar Pawnbroker, where he plays Carrie Wong’s father.

Source: CNA/sr