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Duck wins hearts after appearing in NYC marathon in cute webbed sneakers

Even Adidas joked that they'd "petition for a new duck shoe collection" after seeing the emotional support duck run, er, waddle in the race.

She waddles. She quacks. And she’s probably the cutest participant out of the 30,000 runners with her customised, red, webbed sneakers at the 50th New York City marathon.

Although it has been a week since the race took place on Nov 7, Wrinkle the Duck is still capturing hearts everywhere on the Internet. Just check out the video below.

Named after the movie A Wrinkle In Time, the Internet sensation’s humans appear to be Justin Wood, who hatched her from an egg and hand-reared her together with someone simply known as Joyce on her Instagram account.

Wrinkle hasn’t only run the NYC marathon. According to her official Instagram account, @seducktive, she has also ridden the subway, attended an art exhibition and simply hung out in Brooklyn – you know, like a regular duck taking it easy.

After the marathon, Wrinkle appeared on the red carpet at a film festival. No word from her on how she stretched her post-marathon legs.

Her appearance at the NYC marathon certainly got many people’s attention, including garnering more than 4 million views on TikTok and thousands of comments.

One person commented: “I know this may seem silly, but I’ve been so deeply depressed lately and seeing this little lady running has actually made me smile”.

Wrinkle responded: “As an official emotional support duck hearing this makes me feel like I’m doing my job well. Wrinkle loves you”.

Famous brands jumped in with comments, too. Language app Duolingo, whose logo is an owl, wrote: “That’s my cousin!”.

Adidas commented: “Sending this to our design team to petition for a new duck shoe collection”.

It is quite unlikely that the famous duck ran the entire 42km. But here’s how she might have trained for it.

Source: CNA/bk