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Where Singapore celebs like Dennis Chew and Pierre Png go for their durian fix

Who frequents the big names like Ah Seng and 818? And who only eats durians at private parties in Malaysia?

It is often said that Singapore doesn’t have seasons, but that’s not true: Our year is split into durian season and non-durian season.

We are presently in high durian season, and that’s why you’re seeing, smelling and looking at social media posts about durians left, right and centre.

The king of fruits counts several local celebs among its loyal subjects, too. Many, such as Tay Ping Hui and Michelle Chong, have always been vocal about how much they love durians. Others prefer to enjoy them in secret because they have closely-guarded connections with exclusive suppliers.

Here’s where some famous durian lovers go to get their fix.


Dennis Chew (Photo: Mediacorp) Dennis Chew

“My favourite durian place is at Telok Kurau: 818 Durian,” said the LOVE972FM DJ and actor, adding that he’s good friends with the boss by now.

“To me, they have the best durians, and different kinds of durians. They always give their customers the best.” What’s more, “During festive seasons like the Mid-Autumn Festival, they have durian mooncakes. They also have durian puffs, which are very, very nice.”

Another durian place he hits up, he said, is Combat Durian at Balestier. “They also have very good durians. Yup, only these two places!”


(Photo: Instagram/Yahuiyh)

“I love durians!” exclaimed the actress. “My favourite vendor is from Malaysia. He only delivers when there’s good durians. His durians really no fight – super thick, creamy and bittersweet,” she enthused.

Unfortunately, this durian seller doesn’t have a physical store here, and since supply is erratic, she sometimes has to turn to other stalls in a pinch. “Usually, I’ll go to Ah Seng Durian or 717 Trading,” she said.  


Crazy Rich Asians star Pierre Png. (Photo: Aik Chen; hair: Sylin Yer, Shunji Matsuo; makeup: Lolent Lee using Shiseido)

The actor has three places that he regularly hits up, and he dutifully listed them for us, full addresses and all.

The first is Durian Mpire at 22 Yio Chu Kang Rd, Highland Centre. Then there’s 818 Durian at 201 Telok Kurau. And lastly, Block 26 Chai Chee Road. “Their durians never disappoint. Of course, it helps to know the boss personally!” he said.

It also helps if you’re Pierre Png, we imagine.


(Photo: Instagram/terencecao_guohui)

Having opened a couple of F&B businesses, the actor surely knows his stuff – and he’s a known foodie, too. Unfortunately, his durian palate is so elevated that the average Joe like us won’t be able to share in his gustatory experiences.

“I go to Malaysia for my durian fix. I never go to any particular shops, but my friends usually invite me to private durian farms and special durian parties in Malaysia,” he told us.

Oh, to be part of the super-exclusive durian elite.


(Photo: Instagram/Jamesseah)

“I love durians,” said this boy-next-door actor who also enjoys music and photography. To satisfy his taste buds when the craving hits, “I go to this place in Geylang called Wonderful Durian.”


(Photo: Instagram/Broadwaybeng)

“My friend recommended this place in Dempsey to me – it’s literally at the end of a carpark in Dempsey Road,” said the Broadway Beng actor, referring to Ah Di Dempsey Durian. “They sell some of the best durians there. My favourite is Mao Shan Wang – dark yellow, bittersweet, with small seeds and a lot of flesh. I just had that yesterday!”

Source: CNA/my