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Actors Edwin Goh and Rachel Wan announce they are dating: 'You're my person'

The two actors appeared in the recent Mediacorp series, Strike Gold, playing each other's love interest. 

Actors Edwin Goh and Rachel Wan announce they are dating: 'You're my person'

New couple alert – local actors Edwin Goh and Rachel Wan are dating. (Photo: Instagram/edwininja)

New celebrity couple alert – Mediacorp actor Edwin Goh and Kin star Rachel Wan have gone Instagram official, announcing their relationship on the social media platform on Monday (Mar 27).

Goh, who is 28, wrote a cute tribute to his new love, describing her as the person with whom he wants to do all his coffee runs.

He wrote: “This is a person that understands my thoughts with a single glance. A person that brings light to my darkest days. A person who I want to do all my coffee runs with. A person who eat (sic) as much cai fan as I eat chicken rice. A person who can be as silly as me.

"A person who inspires me. A person who sees my potential even when I don’t. A person that keeps the fire in me burning. A person that allows me to fully be myself and more.

He ended the note with, "You're my person". 

Twenty-seven-year-old Wan also took to Instagram to declare her feelings for Goh, borrowing some of the lyrics from the High School Musical tune, What I've Been Looking For. 

“This feeling’s like no other, I want you to know, that I’ve never had someone who knows me like you do. I finally found what I’ve been looking for.”

Incidentally, the new couple both appeared in the recent Mediacorp series Strike Gold, where they played each other’s love interest.  

Both their posts are filled with congratulatory messages from fellow personalities, including Chantalle Ng, Bonnie Lu, Ben Yeo, Tay Ying and Benjamin Heng. 

Source: CNA/sr