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Felicia Chin and Jeffrey Xu to marry in October

The couple have been dating since 2015 and got engaged in a surprise proposal event earlier this year. 

Felicia Chin and Jeffrey Xu to marry in October

Wedding bells ringing: Felicia Chin and Jeffrey Xu are set to marry in October 2022. (Photo: Instagram/Jeffrey Xu)

Felicia Chin and Jeffrey Xu are set to marry in October, the latter's agency said on Sunday (Sep 25). 

The actors had announced their engagement in July after seven years of dating, following a surprise proposal event that Xu had set up for his girlfriend at the Night Safari. 

The wedding will be held on Oct 22, said The Celebrity Agency, adding that the couple will be married in a church.

China-born Star Search 2010 winner Xu, 33, and Star Search 2003 female champion Chin, 37, have been dating since 2015, and were frequently deflecting questions from the media on when they were going to get hitched.

But in fact, Xu had been ready to propose for the last four or five years.

“The ring was ready many years ago,” he had said earlier this year. “At one Star Awards ceremony – I can’t remember which year – I told the media that I had already bought a ring.”

2022 has been a year of change for Chin, who left Mediacorp in June, ending a 19-year full-time acting career to focus on creating content for a faith-based platform. 

She told CNA Lifestyle how scary it was to embark on this new chapter, saying: "There's a lot of 'what if?' ... and even 'what will people think?'"

She also said she would be taking a pay cut.

"Honestly, these are things I struggle with, too. There might be some things I'll have to give up, like my car," she said, joking that her boyfriend Xu felt "a bit stressed" because he was now the higher earner.

Source: CNA/hs