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French vanilla cappuccino in jail? Felicity Huffman may do time in a 'cushy' prison

The actress’ legal team has asked that she be allowed to serve her 14-day sentence at FCI Dublin, dubbed one of the “10 cushiest prisons” in America.

French vanilla cappuccino in jail? Felicity Huffman may do time in a 'cushy' prison

Felicity Huffman is expected to report to prison on Oct 25. (Photo: AFP / Joseph Prezioso)

Felicity Huffman is heading to prison for two weeks on Oct 25 for her role in the US college admissions scandal, and her legal team has asked that she be allowed to serve her time at FCI Dublin as it’s closest to her residence.

It’s also been called one of the “10 cushiest prisons” in America by Forbes magazine.

According to entertainment news portal The Blast, the prison has a “special housing unit”, which is designed for high-profile inmates such Huffman, as well as those at high risk of being harmed.

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The portal also got a close look at the prison’s commissary list and found non-basic items such as French vanilla cappuccino and bottled water.

A prison commissary is a store where inmates are allowed to purchase items, as long as someone has put money on their books. However, it’s safe to assume that the 56-year-old Huffman, who is married to actor William H Macy, will not have any trouble filling her account.

Other items on the list include personal hygiene products such as St Ives lotion, Oil of Olay, cocoa butter cream and sun tan lotion. As for food, inmates can order granola cereal, creamy peanut butter and even a pizza kit. 

And there’s no need to give up your beauty regime just because you’re in prison; the commissary also has mascara, lipstick and eye lash curlers.

The actress, who pleaded guilty to paying to rig her daughter’s entrance exam, has also been fined US$30,000 (S$41,200) and ordered to complete 250 hours of community service.

The idea of going to prison is not pleasant by any stretch of the imagination, but if you had to serve your time, this sounds like the place to do it. 

Source: CNA/sr