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Fiona Xie stalked in primary school: 'He knows what I was wearing and what I was doing'

The actress was also stalked when she was living overseas.

Think good looks will solve your problems in life? They may actually create more trouble if you ask Fiona Xie. The Crazy Rich Asian actress recently shared on Quan Yifeng’s talk show Hear U Out that her looks has attracted a fair share of admirers – as well as stalkers – throughout her life.

And these creepy incidents didn’t only begin when Xie started acting but in primary school. “I had admirers from other schools, and there was one of them who tried to stalk me," she said.

“[He] would follow me every day, but that wasn’t the scariest bit. What was terrifying was when he’d call my home number the moment I got back and tell me that he knows what I was wearing and what I was doing.

“I didn’t know if he was telling the truth but I was so frightened that I drew the curtains shut immediately. I don’t even know who he was," she said. 

Why didn’t Xie just hang up, you ask? The character threatened her on the phone: “He said he would call my mum and speak to her if I hung up on him. As a child, I couldn’t understand what was going on. I didn’t know what to do, so I told my mother about the incident. It was pretty stressful”.

The actress was also stalked when she was living overseas. “Someone would call me and say really lewd things the moment I picked up the phone,” she recalled. “He’d make strange noises and say very odd things and it was really terrifying.”

Xie continued: “I kept rejecting his calls but I was so afraid that I told my friend that I wanted to report him to the police. I was travelling alone and I didn’t know where he was [or who he was]. Thankfully, nothing happened”.

You can watch the episode here.

Source: CNA/bk