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The film touted as the first coronavirus movie takes place in an elevator 

According to the director, the indie thriller also explores the issue of fear and racism.

The film touted as the first coronavirus movie takes place in an elevator 

The poster for the film, Corona. (Photo: Twitter/@coronamovie)

Corona, an indie thriller by a Vancouver-based director, is being touted as the first film about the coronavirus outbreak. 

Director Mostafa Keshvari told The Hollywood Reporter (THR) that he wanted to use the virus as a symbol to explore fear and racism. “The idea came to me when I was in an elevator reading news about Chinese tourists being attacked, and I thought, 'I'm going to make a movie in an elevator,'” he said. 

The film begins with six neighbours already in an elevator, as the seventh, a Chinese lady new to the building enters. As the elevator breaks down, the six neighbours quickly begin to have doubts about the newcomer and suspect her of having the virus. 

The film was shot using a handheld camera and done in one take. Keshvari also encouraged the cast to improvise lines. 

“It was then known as the Chinese virus, but now everyone can have it, so it's not just one race's problem. Now the human race has to come together to defeat the virus,” Keshvari told THR. “The virus doesn't discriminate, so why should we?” 

The movie is currently being shopped to buyers, with worldwide rights available. 

Source: CNA/sr