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Surprise, Fortnite fans: Deadpool is joining the game's latest chapter

The merc with a mouth will make his appearance in Fortnite’s Chapter 2 Season 2 as a character skin.

Surprise, Fortnite fans: Deadpool is joining the game's latest chapter

(Photo: Facebook/DeadpoolMovie)

Deadpool, the fourth-wall-breaking character with a foul mouth and even worse antics, is coming to popular battle royale game Fortnite as the hidden character skin for the latest season.

The hidden character skin has been a staple of Fortnite since Chapter 1 Season 3, which players can unlock by completing challenges. The skin is normally kept secret for the first two months or so, but publisher Epic Games decided to drop the surprise early this time.

Fortnite is no stranger to tie-ins with popular culture, having confirmed a Harley Quinn Birds Of Prey crossover event, as well as an Infinity War event that saw another Marvel character, Thanos, make his appearance in the game.

More recently, the game collaborated with Star Wars to broadcast a message from the revived Emperor Palpatine.

As for Deadpool, he will be appearing in his traditional black and red costume (so people won’t see him bleed of course), which players can unlock to use in-game.

Deadpool had previously shown up in the season 2 launch trailer, albeit for a brief moment and hidden behind a bookshelf.

He also appears at the end of the trailer for the latest season’s battle pass, a mission-based system that players can purchase to unlock new game features as they play. 

As of now, no information has been released on how exactly players can unlock the skin, but it's safe to say fans can't wait to say "Chimichangas". 

Source: CNA/sr