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Game Of Thrones’ Battle of Winterfell is most tweeted episode in TV history

The supersized 82-minute episode had fans posting some 7.8 million tweets.

Twitter has confirmed that The Long Night, the third episode in the series’ final season, “was the most tweeted about episode of scripted television ever with nearly 8 million tweets.”

Fans posted some 7.8 million tweets throughout the 82-minute long episode, which included an epic 67-minute battle scene in Winterfell that saw the show’s heroes going against the Night King, his White Walkers and a seemingly never-ending number of wights.

The most tweeted about characters from the episode were: Arya, the Night King, Bran, Jon Snow and Cersei.

In case you were wondering, the second most tweeted about episode was also from Game of Thrones – according to Variety, the season 8 premiere on April 14 drew over 5 million tweets.

There have been some 52 million tweets about the show to date as we reach the halfway mark of the final season.

Source: CNA/yy