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George Young’s shirtless scene got cut from Malignant – but you can see it on Instagram

The actor trained for two months to get in shape for the shot, but unfortunately, it didn't make the final cut of the James Wan-directed horror film. 

George Young’s shirtless scene got cut from Malignant – but you can see it on Instagram

George Young in Malignant. (Photo: Instagram/instageorgey)

Actor George Young had two months to get his body in shape for a shirtless scene in Malignant, the latest film helmed by horror maestro James Wan that premiered last week.

The 41-year-old British-born actor, who made his name on Singapore television starring in The Pupil and hosting The Million Dollar Drop, told entertainment portal that the director emailed him after he got the part of a cop named Kekoa Shaw, telling him to bulk up for his character.

Young then asked the director, “Do you want me to get more cut or more buff?”, to which Wan responded, “Cut and buff will be great”.

Unfortunately, after putting in all that hard work with a personal trainer hired by the studio, the shirtless scene ended up getting cut from the final film.

However, he told that the training didn’t really go to waste. “If it weren’t for the physical training and the stunt choreography, I won’t have the confidence to (handle the action sequences). I might injure myself too quickly and I didn’t want to be injured on the first day,” he said.

It also wasn’t a waste because Young managed to showcase his abs after all – on Instagram.

He uploaded a photo of the deleted scene on Saturday (Sep 11) where he urged his followers to “swipe for a sneak peak at a gratuitous shirtless scene that may or may not have made it to the final cut”.

Young also quipped in the same post that he screams “#RELEASETHESHIRTLESSCUT” every night and wakes his kids up, in a reference to the online campaign to get the Zack Snyder cut of Justice League released, which, we might add, was successful. 

Despite his rising star in Hollywood, Young told the entertainment site that he would be game to appear in a special Pupil reunion.

“If they do a reunion – with Rebecca (Lim), Adrian (Pang), Janice Koh, (showrunner Lee) Thean-Jeen – maybe do a special, one-off limited series, I’m doing it! [Those shows] helped me get to where I was in Singapore and beyond. I’ll be happy to go back … Tell the powers that be – we’ll make it happen!”

Source: CNA/sr