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'I wake up sobbing': He saved a spot for groomsman Godfrey Gao at his wedding

Gao’s good friend James Mao mourns his passing, sharing that he had always wanted to be like his friend.

'I wake up sobbing': He saved a spot for groomsman Godfrey Gao at his wedding

James Mao (left) and Godfrey Gao were close friends. (Photo: Facebook/James Mao)

Taiwan’s celebrity basketballer James Mao’s wedding on Nov 29 was supposed to be a celebratory affair, but it was overcast thanks to the passing of model-actor Godfrey Gao, who had been one of Mao’s best friends.

Gao died on Nov 27 due to sudden cardiac arrest after he collapsed while shooting a Chinese sports reality show.

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Mao, who tied the knot with stylist Tiffany Lo, had to grapple with his emotions on his big day.

According to Apple Daily Taiwan and Elle Taiwan, there were tears at the wedding, as Gao’s presence was sorely missed. Embroidered on the bride's train were the words "Teammates forever", which took on an added dimension. The bridal party also left an empty spot for Gao in their photos.

The day before the wedding, Mao wrote a heartfelt social media post expressing his overwhelming grief at the loss of his friend.

“Tomorrow’s my big day and you’re not here. I don’t know how this pain is gonna stop, realising I’m not gonna see you again,” he wrote. He also shared, “I wake up sobbing, I’m devastated.

“I never expected you to become my family. I always wanted to be like you,” Mao’s post continued. “When you wore baggy jeans, I wanted you to take me to buy the same pair. When you listened to Trey Songz and Bobby V who I never heard of, I asked you to make me a mixtape too. When you drove a Nissan Cefiro, I got one soon after that. You were the most genuine person I knew, even when you talked to strangers and they would just be shocked you would talk to them and be so down to earth.”

On Instagram, the post garnered comments of sympathy from fellow celebs such as Blackie Chen and Janet Hsieh. On Facebook, the post currently has nearly 4,000 shares.

Source: CNA/my