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Golden Globes 2019 fashion: The 'who wore what scrunchie' edition

CNA Lifestyle takes a cheeky look at the celebrity red carpet outfits that put a smile on our faces. Not always for the right reason, of course.

Golden Globes 2019 fashion: The 'who wore what scrunchie' edition

Constance Wu, Michelle Yeoh and Lady Gaga at the 2019 Golden Globes. (Photos: AFP)

So Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh were a snooze fest. As Golden Globe hosts, they achieved a level of blandness that can only be compared to porridge for sick people. Seriously. It was like watching Ellen take an afternoon nap.

The fun was on the red carpet – and not just because it was entertaining to watch the girl carrying a tray of Fiji Water try to get as much background screen time as possible.

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Celebrities had fun dressing up for Ryan Seacrest (who made an earnest effort not to ask the stars about their clothes). A few boys decided that tuxedos were for squares, Constance Wu decided outerwear was unnecessary, and a whole bunch of girls got together to resurrect the 80s scrunchie.

Let’s take a tongue-in-cheek look, shall we?


Anne Hathaway. (Photo: AFP)

Anne Hathaway came dressed as a crazy rich Asian. 

Constance Wu. (Photo: AFP)

Constance Wu didn't want to wrinkle her top. So she left it at home. 

Sandra Oh (Photos: AFP,

Sandra Oh was dressed by that Singaporean dude who makes dresses for his Barbie dolls out of tissue paper. He’s getting really good.

Janelle Monae. (Photo: AFP)

Janelle Monae’s next acting project is a remake of Michael Jackson’s Remember The Time video.

Billy Porter. (Photo: AFP)

This is Billy Porter. He’s shy.

Lady Gaga. (Photo: AFP)

Lady Gaga wore a giant scrunchie on her arms.

Lili Reinhart. (Photo: AFP)

Lili Reinhart needed a scrunchie to hold her dress up.

Rachel Weisz. (Photo: AFP)

Rachel Weisz needed three scrunchies.

Sofia Carson. (Photo: AFP)

Sofia Carson is so proud of her chest, she got it framed.

Michelle Yeoh. (Photo:

Michelle Yeoh looked beautiful. Also, I have a sudden craving for nasi lemak.

Timothee Chalamet (Photo: AFP)

Congratulations to Timothee Chalamet on his first training bra.

Cody Fern. (Photo: AFP)

Cody Fern didn’t wear a bra. Tres risque!

Rosamund Pike. (Photo: AFP)

Rosamund Pike is somehow both wearing a lot of clothes and not wearing a lot of clothes at the same time. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is called acting.

Lucy Liu. (Photo: AFP)

Speaking of acting, Lucy Liu showed up as a 60-year-old white woman at a charity gala.

Emma Stone. (Photo: AFP)
Source: CNA/mm