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Actor-comedian Gurmit Singh joins the radio morning team on Gold 905

The new DJ will host Live With Mike, Vernetta and Gurmit together with Vernetta Lopez and Mike Kasem.


Actor-comedian Gurmit Singh joins the radio morning team on Gold 905

Gurmit Singh has joined Mike Kasem and Vernetta Lopez on Gold 905's morning show. (Photo: Instagram/gold905)

Actor-comedian Gurmit Singh has crossed over to the radio airwaves; he joined Vernetta Lopez and Mike Kasem on Gold 905’s morning show on Monday (Aug 19). The new programme will be called Live With Mike, Vernetta and Gurmit.

Singh, who left Mediacorp in 2014 after 20 years, is best known for his portrayal of Phua Chu Kang in the hit local sitcom. He’s been largely out of the spotlight since then to spend more time with his family. His three kids are now 21, 18 and six years old.  

On his new gig as a radio DJ, Singh told CNA Lifestyle: “It’s cool – it’s a dream come true.” He quipped that he’d been trying to get on radio for the past 20 years and now he’s finally been allowed on. “Whenever I used to do radio interviews, I was always amazed by the work that they do and the fun that they have,” he said.

The 54-year-old admitted to having first-day jitters last night before his show – “I was apprehensive, nervous and tentative. It was like the first day of school and I had to make sure I brought all the right books and that my uniform was ironed.”

However, once he got on air, “it was great and everything was fine.” He attributed it to his great relationship with Kasem and Lopez, even off-air.

As for having to wake up early to make it to the studio on time for the 6am show, Gurmit says that’s not a problem at all. “I’m a well-trained parent of three kids.”

Lopez is thrilled to have Singh, whom she's known for 26 years, join her and Kasem. She said: "He’s such a joyful presence, positive attitude as always, and it’s very exciting to have someone as talented as him join us."

The show now, she added, "is basically a group of good friends having a great time with our other friends, the listeners."

According to Kasem’s Instagram post, the team had been keeping the secret for a while. Fans have reacted on social media to Singh’s addition to the show with one commenter saying: “This is going to be so much more fun.”

Source: CNA/sr