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Are you ready for vegan, paleo, low-sugar CNY snacks? Here's a taste test

A pineapple tart made with no flour, butter, eggs or sugar? Guess some of us have no intention of pigging out in the Year Of The Pig.

Sugar, butter and flour. Bakers rely on these three essential ingredients to make everything from tart pastry to chiffon cakes. Sugar lends texture, butter gives rise to baked goods and flour gives everything volume.

In the name of health, a few Singapore businesses have challenged themselves to skip one, two or even all three of these core ingredients. Tailored for those following alternative diets, these baked goods used substitutes like almond butter, toasted oats, and, erm, arrowroot powder.

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The finished product? Cookies and pineapple tarts suitable for those following a vegan, paleo, or low-sugar diet.

But how do they taste? Does guilt-free  necessarily equal joy-free? CNA Lifestyle stuffed our faces to find out in the video below. (Not all of these snacks were well-received, to say the least.)


This vegan-friendly snack from The Clean Addicts stays true to the brand’s tagline of “No Eggs, Dairy, Refined Sugars or Nasties”.

According to The Clean Addicts, these “nasties” refer to “artificial flavours, flavourings, butter, cholesterol, preservatives, animal products or refined sugars”.

The Matcha x Natural Peanut Butter Cookies by The Clean Addicts are priced at S$18.80 per 120g bag of about 20 to 25 cookies. Also available is a gluten-free wholegrain option made without starches.

Available online via Instagram (@thecleanaddicts) or on The Clean Addicts’ website at


Veganism is just the beginning. These pineapple tarts from Nuttier have taken it a step further by leaving out the flour from this “low-calorie” recipe.

Made with toasted Australian oats, dry roasted almond butter, pineapple jam, wild bush honey and organic French vanilla, this recipe for pineapple tarts sounds more well-travelled than most people.

While the strictest vegans may baulk at the inclusion of honey, an animal product, the natural sugar is a crucial ingredient in this homemade pineapple jam.

The Organic Almond Butter Pineapple Tarts from Nuttier are going at a discounted price of S$22.50 for a box of 18 cookies, available online via Nuttier’s website at


Made without flour, butter, eggs, or sugar, it’s a miracle this tart exists. Produced by the folks at Bakening.Co, this vegan and paleo-friendly snack comes individually packaged and keeps for three weeks.

You know what they didn’t put in this, now here’s what they did: These pineapple tarts are made from almonds, non-hydrogenated palm shortening, pineapples, dates, arrowroot powder and pink Himalayan salt.

These tarts are the priciest among the three, at S$23.80 for a box of six. Available online via Redmart or Bakening.Co’s website at

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Source: CNA/yy