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Henry Golding finds Christmas romance with the Mother of Dragons in London

A sneak peek at the Crazy Rich Asians star’s new movie – written by Emma Thompson, made by Bridesmaids director, inspired by Wham!’s Last Christmas.

Henry Golding finds Christmas romance with the Mother of Dragons in London

Paul Feig, Henry Golding, Emma Thompson and Emilia Clarke working together on Last Christmas. (Photo: Instagram/paulfeig)

Crazy Rich Asians’ Henry Golding and Game Of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke will be starring together in a new rom-com set for release in November. Called Last Christmas, it’s directed by Paul Feig who made Bridesmaids, written by Emma Thompson who starred in Love Actually, and inspired by Wham!’s classic holiday song of the same name.

Entertainment Weekly (EW) offered a first look at the movie, which Feig says is a “love letter to London that I’ve always wanted to make”. The film will feature some of the director’s favourite spots in the city.

The team spent three weeks filming in London – uhm, last Christmas – to capture the festive sights and sounds, and also spent a week in Covent Garden, the site of the year-round Christmas shop that Clarke’s character, Kate, plays in the movie.

“I was hell-bent on (shooting) in London before Christmas so we could use all the lights and the decorations that were naturally here,” Feig said in the EW interview.

Feig called Last Christmas “a romantic comedy plus.” He explained, “We refer to it as a dramatic romantic comedy. It’s got the idea of romance, but also of somebody trying to repair their life – of familial tensions and how a family is falling apart and what it takes to put a family back together and dealing with the aftermath of difficult situations.”

Thompson started writing the script several years ago when Wham! singer George Michael, who wrote and sang the tune, was still alive; he died on Christmas Day in 2016.

The movie will also touch on an issue that was particularly close to the late singer's heart: homelessness. According to EW, the filmmaking team worked closely with Michael’s estate, allowing them to use a previously unreleased track that will play at the movie’s conclusion.

“The great sadness is that (Michael’s) not here to be a part of this, but he knew it was going to happen, and that gives me such joy. We feel like he’s here with us,” said Feig.

Ultimately, the director added, the movie will make you laugh, cry and go through a range of emotions – “but all in the Christmas spirit.”

Source: CNA/sr