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'No one wanted to leave the Oval Office': House of Cards' Robin Wright

President Claire Underwood tells CNA Lifestyle how the House of Cards' cast "hugged and cried, all night long" after the final episode of the final season.

'No one wanted to leave the Oval Office': House of Cards' Robin Wright

In Singapore for the first time is House of Cards' Robin Wright, alongside Netflix’s Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos. (Photo: Netflix)

As far as Internet memes go, Robin Wright is undisputedly a warrior of women. Princess Buttercup from Princess Bride, Jenny from Forrest Gump, General Antiope from Wonder Woman, Lieutenant Joshi from Blade Runner 2049 and yes, President Claire Underwood from House of Cards – they are all products of Warrior Robin Wright's meticulously crafted career over a 35-year legacy.

With the sixth and final season of House of Cards wrapped – and apart from shooting a flashback sequence in Spain with Connie Nielsen for Wonder Woman 1984, and preparing for her feature directorial debut (which starts production in January) – Wright was, erm, right and ready, to chat with CNA Lifestyle, while in Singapore for the first-ever See What's Next Asia Netflix's showcase.

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So how bittersweet was it on the last day of House of Cards – the show that truly kicked off not just Netflix originals but a whole generation of binge-watchable TV shows?

"So many tears. No one wanted to leave the Oval Office," said Wright. "We just hugged and cried, all night long."

And understandably so. Wright not only carried the final season, keeping the series afloat amid fellow cast member Kevin Spacey's sexual assault allegations, but she also directed the very last episode.

"I always wanted to do it. And (in some ways) I was afraid to do it!" she shared about taking the next career step into directing. "And given the opportunity to blossom on this show, with a support system and a family – the House of Cards family – behind me, what a gift! I’ve been acting for 35 years. It’s like I’ve been there, and done that, and I know what that’s like. And tasting this new fruit. I love it! I love it!"

Playing such powerful and iconic female characters over the years, how does she go about choosing the right projects to take on?

"I think it’s always a feeling. Where are you in your life at that time? What’s the most practical decision, being a mother? There were many, many factors involved in making decisions as to what part to play," she replied thoughtfully. "And looking at it long term thinking, 'I don’t want to do just anything and everything, and be on screen all the time. Or be in magazines all the time!' People tire of you. Or become immune to seeing something new in what you do. So it was nice to take very clear-cut choices. And space it out."

She continued: "The way you choose roles as an actor, it’s a very different thing. It’s a different pro-activity. It could be a horrible, horrible character that you’re going to play, but you love that character anyway. There’s a strange dichotomy to it. "

Well, that just has Claire Underwood written all over it, doesn't it?

"Yes! Completely! Written all over it!" she replied with a laugh.

House of Cards' final season is showing on Netflix now.

Source: CNA/gl