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How Barbie Hsu, Louis Koo and other celebs are doing their part to fight the Wuhan virus

These celebrities have decided to chip in with their own donations of cash and more importantly, face masks.

How Barbie Hsu, Louis Koo and other celebs are doing their part to fight the Wuhan virus

Taiwanese celebrity Barbie Hsu. (Instagram/barbiehsu.fp)

Asian celebrities have taken up the mantle in the fight against the Wuhan virus. 

On Monday (Jan 27), Taiwanese celebrity Barbie Hsu’s husband Wang Xiaofei shared on Weibo: “My wife is Taiwanese and she bought 10,000 masks in Japan. Today, we’re sending them to a contact of mine in Wuhan who will help to donate them. Moving forward, we will be looking for more surgical face masks in Japan.”  

Another actor who gave monetary donations was Louis Koo, who reportedly donated a sum of RMB 10 million (S$1.9 million). A UNICEF ambassador, Koo has been doing charity work in remote areas of rural China after witnessing the devastation of the Sichuan earthquake in 2008. The Hong Kong actor built 97 elementary school buildings, 18 clinics and 751 small water supply projects in under developed parts of China.

Zaobao also reported that celebrity couple Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy donated RMB 200,000 (S$40,000) to help front-line medical staff in Wuhan buy masks.

Other Chinese celebrities making donations include singer Han Hong, who held a charity drive with actress Sun Li, actress-singer Michelle Chen and actor-model Chen Xiao. Han Hong shared on Weibo that medical supplies have already arrived in Wuhan, with a second wave on the way.

In another post on Weibo, a doctor in Wuhan was unable to join her family for Chinese New Year due to 24-hour standby duties, she tagged Chinese actor Zhu Yilong to ask him for words of encouragement. She added that although she was afraid, she had to give hope to patients suffering from the virus.

According to Asiaone, Zhu responded by telling her to take care of herself so that she can help more people. Aside from words of encouragement, Zhu also donated RMB 1 million (S$196,000) to a charity in Wuhan.

Source: CNA/yy