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Ip Man 4 rakes in more than S$1.7m at Singapore box office in just 3 days

Starring Donnie Yen, the fourth and final film in the story of the Wing Chun master takes place in the US.

Ip Man 4 rakes in more than S$1.7m at Singapore box office in just 3 days

Donnie Yen in Ip Man 4. (Photo: Shaw Organisation)

The fourth and final film in the Ip Man story has broken the record for the highest single day box office intake for an Asian film in Singapore this year.

Ip Man 4, starring Donnie Yen, opened on Friday (Dec 20) and within three days of its release, the film raked in over S$1.7 million.

According to Shaw Organisation, the movie took in more than S$543,000 on opening day and a record-breaking S$682,000 on the second day.

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Leading man Yen was in Singapore in early December to promote the movie. He unveiled the Ip Man Pavilion exhibition at Our Tampines Hub and also attended the gala premiere of the film on Dec 10.

The pavilion is open to the public until Jan 6 and features several iconic scenes from the previous three films. These include Ip Man’s living room with the wooden dummy and furniture, and the big round table from the sparring scene in Ip Man 2.

In this final instalment, the Wing Chun master moves to the US in order to look for a suitable school for his son Ip Chan. There, he faces opposition and discrimination from several fronts, including from a tai chi master called Wan.  

Source: CNA/sr