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Singer, actor and now magician? Jay Chou has new magic show on Netflix

The show will also see Chou’s celebrity friends making guest appearances, including Singapore singer JJ Lin. J-Style Trip premieres on the streaming service on Mar 21.

Singer, actor and now magician? Jay Chou has new magic show on Netflix

Jay Chou performing at the 2018 Tmall 11:11 Global Shopping Festival gala in Shanghai in Nov 2018. (Photo: AFP / STR)

Mandopop singer Jay Chou has written songs, produced records, acted in and directed films, and now he’s about to add “magician” to the list.

It seems like Chou’s acting stint as a magic shop owner in the heist film Now You See Me 2 could become reality – Netflix announced on Tuesday (Mar 10) the launch of what it referred to as Chou’s first “magic travelogue” called J-Style Trip.

The show will see him travel around the world to the Gold Coast, Innsbruck, Paris, Tokyo, Shenzhen, Taipei, and Vienna, with Singapore as a pit stop as well. It will be completely unscripted, giving viewers the rare opportunity to get a peek into Chou’s personal life and candid moments with friends and fans around the world.

Accompanying Chou on the show will be Funky Tu, Norman Chen and Will Tsai, who have been listed as part of the cast.

There will also be celebrities making guest appearances on the show, with Singapore singer JJ Lin slated to appear as well. Other guests include Jam Hsiao, Blackie Chen, Nicholas Tse, Yohji Yamamoto, Cyril Takayama, Ryota Katayose, Darren Chou from the Drifters and Chien-chang Sung from Nan Quan Mama, with more to be announced closer to the show’s release.

On Tuesday, Netflix’s Facebook page released a short video feature for J-Style Trip, which highlights Chou’s visit to Netflix’s APAC Headquarters in Singapore and shows him performing a few magic tricks.

The announcement, unlike Chou’s magic, does not seem to have come out of thin air. Chou has recently been posting videos on Instagram of his magic performances, which we now know has all been leading up to this moment.

The 12-episode J-Style Trip will debut on Mar 21, with new episodes being released every Saturday.

Source: CNA/sr