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After the Rain: JJ Lin announces two-day concert in November

The Singaporean singer took to Instagram on Friday (Oct 22) to tell his fans about it, calling the concert a “charity special”. 


After the Rain: JJ Lin announces two-day concert in November

JJ Lin fans are in for a treat in November with the singer's upcoming live concert in Singapore. (Photo: Instagram/JJ Lin)

Fans of JJ Lin can look forward to a live singalong concert titled After the Rain, on Nov 27 and 28, although the Mandopop star seems to be deliberately keeping some details for later. 

Will it be a live music event? Which charity is Lin raising funds for? What’s the meaning behind the concert’s name?

In his Instagram post below, Lin gave a sneak peak into what fans are guessing are lyrics to a new song, in both English and Mandarin. 

On the same day, the singer’s record label JFJ Productions also teased fans on their Instagram account: 

This torrential downpour
Unprecedented, and disquieting
Only with concerted efforts
Will we ride out the storm

Looks like these hints are meant to drum up the hype for the November concert. Excited fans have already been commenting: “So looking forward!”, “This sounds cool already!” and “A birthday present for me!! Live on my bdae.”

Although the singer’s previous Sanctuary virtual concert in July was fraught with “streaming issues”, we’re keeping our fingers crossed for this next one to go smoothly.  

Source: CNA/ss