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Kate Pang falls into drain while distracted by phone, suffers deep cut that exposes bone

As if that doesn't sound bad enough, the accident happened the day before the actress turned 38 and she had to spend her birthday in the hospital.

Kate Pang falls into drain while distracted by phone, suffers deep cut that exposes bone

Kate Pang suffered a gory injury after falling into a drain the day before her 38th birthday. (Photo: Instagram/katepan311)

Local actress Kate Pang learned the hard way to keep her eyes on the road and surroundings at all times while walking.

The 38-year-old fell into a drain because she was briefly distracted by her phone – and ended up in the hospital with a gory-looking injury on her leg.

She shared news of the accident – along with several photos, including one of the horrific wound – on Instagram on Wednesday (Mar 10). Another image showed blood on the ground.

Word of warning: Don't swipe right to view the photo if you're queasy. 

Kate wrote: “We really shouldn’t walk and use our phones at the same time, (I can’t believe) that I accidentally fell into a drain, I was merely replying a text… (and I fell) in two seconds, I really think that I’m too foolish”.

In another post, she explained that she needed surgery as the wound needed three layers of stitches because it was so deep, you could see the bone.

“Additionally, there’s a chunk of dead flesh inside as well, and it’s a diagonal cut, so it’s more complicated,” Kate added.

As if that doesn't sound bad enough, the whole incident happened around her birthday. She fell into the drain the day before she turned 38 and spent her actual birthday on Mar 11 in the hospital.

Another bummer: Kate’s husband Andie Chen is not in the country. The actor is currently in Taiwan for work, together with the couple's six-year-old son.

Andie wrote on Instagram: “My wife’s injured, but I’m not there. Many people asked if I was worried. Actually, my heart hurts a little (for her), but I’m not worried. My wife usually treats people very well, and she has loads of friends who love her. To our family and friends, thank you for caring for this woman. It’s really a relief that you guys are here”.

Kate has since been discharged from the hospital and to mark the occasion, the kind staff gave her a birthday cake and a bouquet of fruits and flowers.

Source: CNA/sr