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Katy Perry pays S$68,000 to go on a date – with boyfriend Orlando Bloom

It sounds silly, but it was all for a good cause.

She could’ve just asked. Instead, Katy Perry forked out a cool US$50,000 (S$68,000) for a date with Orlando Bloom, her own boyfriend.

Okay, so it’s a little more complicated – the 34-year-old pop star had outbid a fan during the One Love Malibu benefit show on Sunday (Dec 2), in support of those affected by the tragic California wildfires that ravaged the area.

According to, Perry was originally supposed to just perform and simply auction off Bloom. But social media videos seemed to show the Fireworks singer getting a wee bit jealous and putting in her own bid.

"So, I just wanted to start and say that he's going to do a motorcycle ride…and then you can have lunch," Perry was captured saying in an Instagram video. "That also means, that when you are on the motorcycle with him, you're holding him in a way that I am not excited about!"

"You're holding his pecs and his six-pack! And it's so glorious!" she added, before bidding began and reached US$20,000, offered by a fan named Laura.

Before it got crazier, Perry stepped in. “Laura, I’m sorry – I’m buying it for US$50,000.”

Source: CNA/mm