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Madonna’s concert promoter hits back at claims of poor ticket sales

Live Nation called the news “absolute lies” as the singer’s latest album Madame X receives mixed reviews from critics.

Madonna’s concert promoter hits back at claims of poor ticket sales

Madonna's concert promoter has denied claims that her upcoming intimate concert tour is suffering from poor sales. (Photo: Facebook/madonna)

Madonna's concert promoter Live Nation has come out to rubbish the claims that the singer is struggling to fill the small theatre venues for her upcoming concert tour for her new album, Madame X.

The New York Post ran a story that said: “Four years ago, Madonna was selling out shows at Madison Square Garden. Now, she’s struggling to sell out the BAM opera house in Brooklyn.”

The proof, according to the story, was that hundreds of seats were still available for venues that can only hold a few thousand people each, and this was after tickets had been on sale for a month.

Live Nation’s chairman of global music has called the claims “absolute lies” in an interview with live music trade publication, Pollstar. “There’s something really amiss there. If you go back in history, each of her last four tours, they’ve gone on full attack mode on Madonna,” said Arthur Fogel.

Fogel clarified that additional tickets had just gone on sale after the system had weeded out scalpers and scammers. “… at the end of registration period, you do a cleanse because you have algorithms to get rid of duplicate credit cards, people trying to scam blocks of tickets and all that sort of stuff. After all the (legitimate) registrants were satisfied with tickets, we had a few thousand tickets left so we put them on sale Monday (Jun 10) morning.”

Madonna will start her latest tour in September, in support of her 14th album Madame X, which dropped Jun 14 (Singapore, Jun 15).

Reviews have been mixed for her latest effort. Rolling Stone gave it three out of five stars and said: “Madame X is so admirably bizarre, all you can do is stand back and watch the girl go.”

The Independent called it “An intriguing, often brilliant, and occasionally awful album” before going on to say, “Madonna’s new album is full of dance tracks. But if any one of them came on in a club, there would be at least 30 seconds during which everyone would stop dancing and stand around in bewilderment.”



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