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Malaysians have a new way to spice up their love lives – rendang condoms

The new edition was released to celebrate Malaysia’s independence day and follows previous variants in nasi lemak, teh tarik and durian flavours.

Malaysians have a new way to spice up their love lives – rendang condoms

The new rendang-flavoured condom from One Condoms. (Photo: Instagram/onecondoms_my)

The talk about rendang has finally moved on from whether it’s crispy or not to… rendang condoms.

One Condoms has introduced the limited-edition “super sensitive” rendang-flavoured condoms to commemorate Malaysia’s upcoming independence day on Aug 31. 

This is the fourth release in the company’s quirky Malaysian series, which began in 2016 and includes flavours such as nasi lemak, teh tarik and durians.

According to the Malay Mail, the condoms will only be available on the market for a limited period. The site quoted a statement released by One Condoms manufacturer Karex that the idea behind the local flavours is to break the stigma and get people comfortable to talk about sex. 

“The end game is simple — pleasurable sex in a safe holistic way which is the ultimate objective of our iconic Malaysian series, now proudly in our fourth year.”

The rendang condoms are available for RM5.85 (S$1.95) for a pack-of-three in convenience stores and major pharmacies across the Causeway.

Not only will you be spicing up your bedroom activities with these condoms, you’ll also be contributing to a good cause. RM0.50 (S$0.17) from the sale of each pack will be channelled to PT Foundation, which provides HIV/AIDS support programmes, when purchased through One Condoms official stores on, Shopee or Lazada.

Source: CNA/sr