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‘So small and yet you’re so proud?’: Malaysian actress body shamed over chest size

Rise: Ini Kalilah actress Sharifah Sakinah has been on the receiving end of mean-spirited comments online after she posted a photo of herself in a dress with a deep V-cut neckline.

‘So small and yet you’re so proud?’: Malaysian actress body shamed over chest size

Malaysian actress Sharifah Sakinah. (Source: Instagram/sharifah_sakinah)

Malaysian actress Sharifah Sakinah has had to deal with Internet bullies when several of them started body shaming her after she posted photos of herself on Instagram on Tuesday (Jun 23).

The 31-year-old Rise: Ini Kalilah actress was wearing a gold-coloured sleeveless dress with a low V-cut neckline.

Several commenters focused on the size of her chest, with one saying, “So small and yet you’re so proud?”

Another said, “Too small, no need to show.”

Others took it upon themselves to advise her to cover up according to religious observations.

However, the actress did not let the bullies get to her. Instead of removing her photo, she posted another, this time with her arms covering her chest.

She captioned it: “So noisy. Okay lah, I’ll cover up with my arms.”

It seems the actress often receives criticisms on her attire, based on comments seen on other photos of her wearing skinny jeans or exercise clothes.

Not everyone has a problem with it, though. Some users have defended the actress with one fan reminding the other followers not to be "negative-minded" and that the actress' sins were her own to bear. 

Source: CNA/sr