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‘Go and die’: Malaysian pop punk band under fire for anti-LGBTQ lyrics

The lyrics – in Bunkface's new song called Akhir Zaman (End Times) – are said to promote "homophobia & violence against LGBTQ people".

‘Go and die’: Malaysian pop punk band under fire for anti-LGBTQ lyrics

Malaysian pop punk band, Bunkface. (Photo: Instagram/bunkfaceband)

Malaysian pop punk band Bunkface has stirred the pot with some controversial lyrics from their latest song.

The band released a single titled Akhir Zaman, or End Times, a social commentary on Malaysian society that included a line calling for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community to “go and die”.

The full line “LGBT boleh pergi mampus” is heard at roughly 1m 4s into the lyric video that was posted on YouTube on Tuesday (Feb 25), and translates to “LGBT can go and die”.

The lyrics have angered LGBT allies who made their displeasure very clear.

Numan Afifi, President of Malaysian LGBT rights organisation Pelangi Campaign, tweeted: “This song promotes homophobia & violence against LGBTQ people. Please report the video on youtube.”

He then listed down the steps for those looking to report the video on YouTube, though as of Friday, the video has not been taken down and has been viewed more than 300,000 times.  

One user wrote: “Bunkface coulda bring up 100 other things that are wrong with the country to say ’pergi mampos’ to but they chose the LGBT? Lmao punk rly is dead yall.”

“It is NOT punk to target LGBT people. Ridicule and invisibility will cost lives,” tweeted another user. “You are not punk. You're no better than any nazi fascist band, please rebrand.”

The same user added: “LGBT people are not your ping pong balls to score points with Malaysians.”

Unite Asia, a website dedicated to covering news about punk, hardcore and metal music from Asia, released a statement on Wednesday, apologising for sharing the lyric video.  

“In 2020 for anyone, let alone a ‘punk’ band, to so openly convey their hatred for people who are already marginalized, stigmatized, ridiculed, threatened, harmed, killed, so much so that they have to hide their identity from the world to protect themselves, is disgusting,” it said.

Still, the band hasn’t lost all its supporters. Many have come out to show their support for Bunkface, saying that they stood with the band.

One Twitter user wrote: “You guys are damn loud but i'll say louder bro. Plus i love seeing those triggered idiots. Yall the best.”

According to the Malay Mail, Bunkface has refused to comment on the matter, but lead vocalist Sam will issue a statement during their upcoming performance on Apr 4.

Source: CNA/sr