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Chinese barber shaves 'play button' triangle into man's head

Chinese barber shaves 'play button' triangle into man's head

The customer apparently showed the barber his desired hairstyle (left), without realising the barber would take the play button into account as well. (Photos: Tianxiu bot/Weibo)

It's something we've all done at some point - taken a picture of a hairdo we like to our hairstylist in the hope that they will be able to somehow copy it for us. 

But a man in China did not expect his barber to be so detail-oriented, leaving a bald triangle patch on each side of his head. 

According to a Weibo post, an unnamed customer spotted a hairstyle he liked while watching a video online. He then hit pause on the video and showed it to his barber without realising that the barber would also take the video's play button into consideration. 

After taking a brief look, the barber proceeded to do as asked. The customer then walked away with two bald triangle patches neatly cut into his hair. 

The post has garnered nearly 20,000 comments and more than 78,500 likes. It's also been shared more than 22,000 times. 

The uploader also joked that such conscientious hairstylists are hard to come by nowadays. 

Netizens were equally bemused by the incident. One asked for the barber's address, while another said this could be the year's trending hairstyle.

Source: CNA/dl