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Mark Lee’s challenges while filming Number 1 include not going to toilet in costume

The actor-comedian plays a drag queen in his latest film, which earned him a nomination for best leading actor at this Saturday's (Nov 21) Golden Horse Awards in Taipei.

Mark Lee’s challenges while filming Number 1 include not going to toilet in costume

Actor-comedian Mark Lee is in the running for a best actor award at the Golden Horse Awards in November. (Photo: Instagram/marklee4444)

Mark Lee is in the running for best leading actor at the Golden Horse Awards this Saturday (Nov 21) for his role in the Singapore film, Number 1.

He plays someone who becomes a manager at a drag club after losing his job, and goes on to become a performer when he realises he has a knack for it. When his secret eventually comes out, he has to deal with the repercussions.

Lee told Taiwan’s Mirror Media about the challenges he faced while in costume, including having to put padding on his bum and wear stockings. Be warned though, his anecdote may make you look at your breakfast eggs funny for a while.

He said, “It's tough for the bottom half of my body. When it gets warm, it feels like a half-boiled egg. Have you tried Singapore's half-boiled eggs?"

Lee added that he would avoid going to the toilet once work started in the morning because of how difficult it was to get into costume and makeup, and would only go during a break in filming.

The 52-year-old actor-comedian also had to shave his legs and wear high heels for the film, which led to him having an appreciation for what women go through. He said, “I've always felt that women had it worse than us (men)".

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Lee is in Taipei with his wife, Catherine, for the awards ceremony. They both had to serve a two-week quarantine period when they arrived in the city earlier this month.

Lee shared that he hasn’t seen the works from his fellow nominees but he’s “happy to be nominated”. He’s competing against Liu Kuan-ting (My Missing Valentine), Austin Lin (I WeirDo), Mo Tzu-yi (Dear Tenant) and Lam Ka-tung (Hand Rolled Cigarette) in his category.

Source: CNA/sr