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Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth confirm their marriage on social media

After rumours of their weekend wedding began circulating the Interwebs on Christmas Eve, the lovebirds finally made their nuptials public on Instagram.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth confirm their marriage on social media

Miley Cyrus confirmed her marriage to Liam Hemsworth with this photo – the first of three – posted on Instagram on Dec 26, 2018. (Photo: Instagram/Miley Cyrus)

Having kept fans guessing the status of their relationship for a few days, pop star Miley Cyrus, 25 and actor Liam Hemsworth, 28 took to social media to reveal the truth: That they are, indeed, happily hitched.

At around 1pm Los Angeles time on Dec 26 (5am Singapore time on Dec 27), Cyrus posted the first of three black-and-white pictures on Instagram, while Hemsworth posted a single image two hours later.

The pictures show the couple kissing and locked in an embrace in front of a stone fireplace embellished with a huge spray of flowers. Cyrus is dressed in a simple off-the-shoulder ivory wedding gown with a cowl neckline, a small train and no veil, while Hemsworth is seen in a black tuxedo paired with white sneakers.

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There’s no word yet on the designer of the gown, although a report in E! Online suggests that it might be a Vivienne Westwood dress that cost US$8,620 (S$11,820), a relatively modest figure for the singer, who’s said to be worth anywhere from US$160 million to US$200 million.

The timeless sophistication of the wedding gown is also a marked contrast to the pop star’s penchant for outre outfits.

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