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Ex-Miss Universe Malaysia responds to backlash over comments on 'black people'

Samantha Katie James said on Monday (Jun 1) that African Americans “chose to be born as a coloured person”. Makeup company Velvet Vanity has since cut ties with her and she has also drawn the ire of fellow Malaysian celebrity, Henry Golding.

Ex-Miss Universe Malaysia responds to backlash over comments on 'black people'

Former Miss Universe Malaysia, Samantha Katie James, addresses the backlash over her comments. (Photo: Instagram/@samanthakayty)

Former Miss Universe Malaysia Samantha Katie James has issued a statement on Instagram addressing her recent comments about African Americans.

Since saying on Monday (Jun 1) that black people “chose to be born as a coloured person”, the 25-year-old former pageant winner has been heavily criticised and ridiculed, with the Miss Universe Malaysia Organization issuing a statement to distance themselves from her.

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James took to Instagram late Tuesday to say that she was “sorry”.

She wrote: “I do hear you, I’m sorry, I know you’re hurting. I know it’s unfair. I’m not in your shoes to understand this fully.”

She then further explained her comments about how people “chose” how they were born.

“Throughout my journey I have learned that we are more than just this temporary physical body, like an avatar, merely a tiny speck of dust in this vast infinite universe, we tend to overlook that from time to time,” she said.

“In our process towards evolution as a human being, on earth. We chose our body, our family, our place of birth, our name and our lessons from the path we take tailor made for us.”

She then admitted that she could have “phrased my content differently”, and that she “will make sure I articulate my speech in a proper manner”.

“If I had been more attentive in how I wrote it, the message would off (sic) been understood as a heartfelt message to all victims of racism be it any colour.”

James has faced a lot of backlash since she made her original comments.

Crazy Rich Asians actor Henry Golding called out the former beauty queen on his Instagram Stories post on Monday evening, saying that her comments “infuriated” him.

He wrote: “You have zero idea what black people have to go through on a day to day bases (sic). For you to be talking such racist s*** on a platform like yours needs to be called out.”

Malaysian makeup company Velvet Vanity has also cut ties with James. They issued a statement saying: “Since the beginning of our journey, we are dedicated to cater to everyone albeit their skin colour so for us to support her wrongdoings would be contradictory to our brand name.”

They clarified that they were no longer affiliated with James, adding: “As a brand, we support #blacklivesmatter and we would never associate ourselves with racist behaviours in any way.”

Source: CNA/sr