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Mulan star and movie become latest boycott target of Hong Kong protesters

Liu Yifei had expressed support for the Hong Kong police via a Weibo post.

Mulan star and movie become latest boycott target of Hong Kong protesters

Liu Yifei or Crystal Liu has been confirmed for the role of Hua Mulan in Disney's new live remake. (Photo: Disney)

Liu Yifei or Crystal Liu, the star of Disney’s upcoming live-action remake of the movie Mulan, has become the latest target of the Hong Kong protesters.

On Wednesday (Aug 14), the Chinese-American actress shared a post from People’s Daily, a China-owned newspaper, the hashtag “I also support the Hong Kong police. You can all attack me now”, on Weibo. She also added a heart and a strong-arm emojis.

Mulan actress Liu Yifei's Weibo post supporting Hong Kong police. (Photo: Weibo)

Those were the same words uttered by Fu Guohao, a reporter for another state-owned newspaper, while he was being tied up and attacked by protesters at the Hong Kong airport.

Liu’s post garnered tremendous support, over 28 million likes on the platform from her 65 million followers.

At the same time, her sentiment also earned her backlash from many across the world who support the protest, earning her the hashtag #BoycottMulan on Twitter. 

The social media platform has been buzzing with calls to boycott the movie, accusing her of supporting police brutality while enjoying the freedom she enjoys as an American citizen.

Past actors who have protested against the Chinese government have had their careers stymied. Cantopop singer Denise Ho, who aligned herself with the protesters, has been blacklisted from the Chinese market. 

Singer Anthony Wong has also faced chastisement in the form of losing more than half of his annual income for supporting the Umbrella Movement in 2014.

Source: CNA/bk