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Would you drink durian beer? This Singapore brewery and durian concierge think so

Local premium durian concierge Durian Edition has collaborated with The 1925 Brewing Co to produce Musang King Ale, a one-of-a-kind durian craft beer.

Would you drink durian beer? This Singapore brewery and durian concierge think so

Durian beer? It's a real thing, thanks to the collaboration between Durian Edition and The 1925 Brewing Co. (Photo: Durian Edition)

How much do Singaporeans love the king of fruits? Enough to partake in a beer made out of durian? The team at Durian Edition – a local premium durian concierge – reckons so.

Musang King Ale (Photo: Facebook/The 1925 Brewing Co.)

Brewed in collaboration with Singaporean microbrewery The 1925 Brewing Co., Musang King Beer is a craft beer that uses the flesh of real Musang King (or Mao Shan Wang) durian fruits in the fermenting process, instead of simply using extracted durian essence or any artificial flavourings.

According to Durian Edition and 1925, this unique craft beer is housed in a dark-coloured bottle, so as to protect this fruity pale ale from any flavour irregularities caused by sunlight. 

Indeed while this 5 per cent ABV craft beer is brewed with an assortment of hops and fruits, the main ingredient is still the perennial crowd-favourite Musang King durian. Billed as refreshing and easy-to-drink, this combination of inimitable flavours, complete with the distinctive durian aroma, makes this beer one-of-a-kind.

Said The 1925 Brewing Co. in a press statement: “Our motivation is to create beers for the Asian palate, hence it is important to include the taste profiles of Asian food fare as part of the considerations when we design our beers.”

According to Durian Edition – which is also known for curating various durian-themed events across Singapore – the bulk of their seasonal durian inventory include products from Raub, Pahang's famous Musang King to the Black Thorn varieties from Junjong Malaysia. 

Musang King Ale can be found at Durian Edition’s new watering hole MAO King Tavern at Swan Lake Avenue in Siglap (where it was specially crafted for), at Durian Edition's flagship durian boutique and online.

Source: CNA/gl