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NASA to rescue Tony Stark adrift in space in Avengers: Endgame trailer?

The American space agency has tweeted a solution to help locate Ironman.

NASA to rescue Tony Stark adrift in space in Avengers: Endgame trailer?

(Photo: Avengers: Endgame trailer)

There’s no doubt that Tony Stark is in trouble, going by the trailer to Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame. He is in a battered spacecraft, adrift in space, without food and water and with oxygen levels running dangerously low.

In the trailer, a dejected Stark spoke to his helmet to get a message across to his fiancée Pepper Potts: “Dear Miss Potts, if you find this recording, don’t feel bad about this. Part of the journey is the end. Just for the record, being adrift in space with zero promise of rescue is more fun than it sounds.

“Food and water ran out four days ago, oxygen will run out tomorrow morning and I mean it, when I drift off, I will dream about you, it’s always you.”

The trailer picked from the end of Avengers: Infinity War, where Stark and Nebula were the only ones stranded on Thanos’ planet Titan after everyone else disintegrated into ashes.

But thanks to Marvel fans who have been asking NASA and Elon Musk to rescue Stark since the trailer hit the Internet, there might be hope for the missing Ironman.

The American space agency responded with this tweet from the official NASA account read: “Hey @Marvel, we heard about Tony Stark. As we know, the first thing you should do is listen in mission control for ‘@Avengers, we have a problem.’ But if he can’t communicate, then we recommend ground teams use all resources to scan the skies for your missing man.”

Source: CNA/bk