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Need photo inspo to capture KAWS:HOLIDAY at The Float @ Marina Bay?

Check out these camera angles to shoot the iconic KAWS character, COMPANION, which is on display till Nov 21.

Need photo inspo to capture KAWS:HOLIDAY at The Float @ Marina Bay?

The KAWS:HOLIDAY exhibition at The Float @ Marina Bay. (Photo: @qhventures)

You’re not imagining things when you spot a 42m-long inflatable with crosses for eyes lying on The Float @ Marina Bay and gazing at the clouds – all while hugging a miniature version of itself.

Fans will recognise it as the KAWS signature character, COMPANION, created by international artist Brian Connelly.

KAWS creator Brian Connelly. (Photo: @aiksooon)

Singapore is the seventh stop of the KAWS’ HOLIDAY tour after appearing in Seoul, Taipei, Hong Kong, Japan, the UK and even outer space.

If you need inspiration for your shots of the chilling iconic character against Singapore's cityscape, here are some ideas.

There are also limited-edition collectibles, if you’re inspired by COMPANION to chill outdoors, including camping sets, tank tops and fans as well as the 10.5-inch long COMPANION in brown, grey or black, available at DDT Store, while stock lasts.

KAWS:HOLIDAY SINGAPORE is free and will be on display till Nov 21, from 2pm to 9pm daily. It is brought in by AllRightsReserved and supported by Singapore Tourism Board.

Source: CNA/bk