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Two years later, Netflix is removing the suicide scene from 13 Reasons Why

Two years later, Netflix is removing the suicide scene from 13 Reasons Why

Katherine Langford plays Hannah in 13 Reasons Why. (Photo: Netflix)

Netflix Inc is removing a controversial graphic scene from its popular young adult drama 13 Reasons Why, which depicts a youth suicide, following advice from medical experts, the company said on its Twitter account early on Tuesday (Jul 16).

The show, based on a book of the same name, depicts a suicide of the protagonist in the last episode of season 1, including a scene of the youth Hannah slitting her wrists in a bathtub.

A Netflix representative could not be immediately reached for comment early on Tuesday.

The company said on Twitter that on the advice of medical experts "we've decided with the creator Brian Yorkey and the producers of 13 Reasons Why to edit the scene in which Hannah takes her own life."

While critically acclaimed, the show has drawn criticism from groups including the Parents Television Council (PTC), which claim the show glorifies teen suicide.

The move to edit the scene drew praise from PTC which has also lobbied Netflix to drop the show entirely.

"Netflix has finally acknowledged the harmful impact that explicit content, such as the graphic suicide scene in 13 reasons Why, is capable of inflicting on children."

Suicides by young Americans rose by almost a third in the month following the 2017 streaming debut of the popular Netflix television series, a US study found.

The National Institutes of Health-supported (NIH) study found a 28.9 per cent increase in suicide rates among US youth ages 10 to 17 in April 2017. It said there was an additional estimated 195 suicide deaths in that age bracket from Apr to Dec 2017, versus expectations based on past data.

The researchers said the study had limitations and that they could not make a direct "causal link" between 13 Reasons Why and the rise in suicide rates or rule out other factors.

The show tells the story of a teen who leaves behind a series of 13 tapes describing why she decided to take her life.

The graphic scene caused a backlash among parents and health professionals, prompting Netflix in 2017 to put up additional viewer warning cards and direct viewers to support groups.

A second season of 13 Reasons Why was released in May 2018 and a third season has been ordered by Netflix.

(Reporting by Rich McKay in Atlanta; Editing by Michael Perry)

Source: Reuters/sr