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Popular Rangoon Road cafe Non Entree Desserts will be closing in October

"Commercial viability" mentioned as a factor in the closure of the four-year-old eatery known for locally-inspired creations like Kaya Toast and Nasi Lemak desserts.

Popular Rangoon Road cafe Non Entree Desserts will be closing in October

Non Entree Desserts will be closing in Oct 2019. (Photo: Facebook/nonentreedesserts)

The popular Non Entree Desserts cafe at 204 Rangoon Road announced on its social media pages yesterday (Aug 1) that it will be closing on Oct 20. The post did not reveal the reason for the upcoming closure, although it did mention the challenge of “balancing originality and commercial viability.”

The post also thanked the people who contributed to the cafe’s success over the last four years.

“We cannot give enough gratitude to all who had given us love and support over the years. Our loyal customers who had given us the courage to explore and create by appreciating what we do and helping to spread the word to many others; our business and media partners for simply fantastic support and sharing of knowledge that helped kept us in the game; and our team – from the pioneers to the new kids, every single one who had sweat, bled (some literally!), toiled and weathered the journey with us.”

The cafe opened in 2015 and was known for its locally-inspired Instagram-worthy creations such as the Bak Chor Mee, Gem Biscuit, Kaya Toast and Nasi Lemak desserts.

It was started by a former sous chef for the pastry line at Basilico Regent Singapore, Francis Wong, and two other friends with the aim of providing fine dining quality desserts at affordable prices for the local mass market consumers.

“We can be proud to say that we have not deviated (from this aim) since the beginning, even though we knew it was always going to be a challenge balancing originality and commercial viability,” the social media post read.

You have two more months to head down for a last taste of their unique creations before they close.

Non Entree Desserts is at 204 Rangoon Rd, Singapore 218451.

Source: CNA/sr